Welcome to Kellie’s “everything” website.   This is my place to write about passion, personal and business life, philosophy and general musings.  You’re welcome to visit and feedback or not.  It’s enough to have this wonderful forum for self-expression; what the world does with it is beyond my control.

Who I Am

I live a life just outside convention, thinking of myself rather like a nice spicy vanilla.  I’ve reinvented myself countless times and will no doubt continue to do so until I die.    I’ve lived drunk and sober, married and single, straight and gay.  I’ve been the professional and the student, the leader and the loyal follower, the lover and latchkey kid.

All too many times, I’ve been smart and stupid, wise and very unwise, kind and sadly cruel.   I’ve looked in the mirror to find Coach, Clown, Laura Croft, Jabba the Hut with a little Road Kill in between.

You name it, I’ve probably given myself that title too.  It’s exhausting living by labels. Here’s to just being the multi-faceted Kellie, striving to be the best possible person she can be in our wonderfully complex world.

Passion for Blogging

Dialing it in…

For the last month, I’ve been on track in my nutrition with macros counting and weekly reporting to my nutrition coach.  I haven’t seen much change yet, but I know very well that it’s a process that can’t be rushed.  I also know that I had let my eating run amok for months and it …

Back From The Brink

Since my last blog post only a month ago, both my admin and private coaching businesses have absolutely flourished.  After having become so depleted and demoralized through the winter and spring, to now have an abundance of administrative and private training clients is gratifying and solid confirmation that I made the right decision to diversify. …

For The Love Of Business

Life is Sweetest When You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too…

Kellie Cowles, Business Administration
“Bringing Out The Best In Your Business”
I spent the first 30 years of my career working primarily in insurance offices, starting in customer service/data entry and progressing to freelance bookkeeping and office management.  When I left the office world to pursue a career in fitness, I utilized my extensive experience to help build the best CrossFit gym in the San Gabriel Valley.  Today, I bring this same expertise to a select number of small businesses in my local area.  For more information, please click here:


Perennial Strength Health & Fitness Coaching
“Bringing Out The Best In Your Body”
Since 2008, I have been coaching personal clients to achieve their fitness goals.  When I left the CrossFit industry in 2015, I created Perennial Strength to continue offering fitness services to my private clients.  I’ve learned that I no longer have the desire or drive to maintain the extreme level of marketing and networking required to sustain a truly successful fitness coaching business.  So, I’ve stopped the relentless pursuit of “standing out, being unique and staying relevant.” I still LOVE training  private clients and plan to keep coaching for as long as I’m needed.  I simply refuse to continue chasing the gold ring.   For more information about Perennial Strength, please click here.



Contact Info

My contact info is at the bottom of the site.  The social media links are there too.  If you want to chat, I’m easy to find so please don’t hesitate to reach out…